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Cold light film is a technological solid-state chemical product. It has the characteristics of thinness, flexibility, low power consumption, no heat, good randomness, uniform brightness, and bright colors.

Our company made the EL cold light film into a flexible thin (only 0.35mm) multi-color pattern and LOGO logo.

It was sewn or affixed to the front or back of the clothes, and equipped with a compact driver similar to the BB machine.

The driver can be clipped on the belt or hidden inside the clothes. When the ordinary * 7 # battery is installed, it can emit a flashing dynamic effect. EL luminous clothes is a kind of clothing for various night parties, fan clubs, bars, bouncers, ballrooms, sports events, sports venues and other lively scenes.

 It is also a clothing choice for the company's promotional products, using the company's logo and product trademarks.

This can enhance the effect of product promotion and display. EL luminous clothes are fashionable and popular clothes in the world's clothing industry, and they are sold in Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

[Cold light T-shirt glowing principle]

There is a driver inside the cold light T-shirt that uses a connection line to control the picture glow.

The two ends of the ground wire are pin-type, each of which is connected to the picture and the drive. It can be detached freely during cleaning. It is not fixed inside the clothes and cannot be removed.

There are two types of drivers, adjustable sound-activated drive and five-flash drive, both of which are powered by No. 7 alkaline batteries, which can continuously control light for 5-6 hours each time.

Note: The batteries cannot be mixed!

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