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Thinking guide books for children

Mind map, also called mind map, is an effective graphical thinking tool for expressing emissive thinking. It is simple but extremely effective, and it is a revolutionary thinking tool. The mind map uses the technique of equal emphasis on pictures and texts, expresses the relationship between all levels of themes with mutual affiliation and related hierarchical maps, and establishes memory links between theme keywords, images, colors, etc. Mind maps make full use of the functions of the left and right brains, and use the laws of memory, reading, and thinking to assist people in the balanced development of science and art, logic and imagination, thereby unlocking the unlimited potential of the human brain. Therefore, the mind map has the powerful function of human thinking

Wake up the brain memory

We know that skeptical thinking is the natural way of thinking in the human brain. Every data that enters the brain is not a feeling, memory or thought-including words, numbers, symbol codes, aromas, food, lines, colors, images, rhythms, notes, etc. , Can become a thinking center, and at the same time the center spans and diverges thousands of joint points, each joint point represents a connection with the central theme, and each connection can become another central theme, and then extend the divergence Thousands of joints present a reflective three-dimensional structure, and the connection of these joints can be regarded as your memory, which is your personal database

"Bozan Children's Mind Map" uses pictures and texts to show how the child's brain develops and grows at the beginning of life and thereafter, and provides many simple methods that can be followed to help stimulate children's multiple intelligences-including The sense of space, creativity, numerical value, language and social abilities-and unlock children's natural talents. The book includes:

  • Develop the inner talent of the child
  • Exercise children's multiple intelligence
  • Enhance children's self-confidence and make children grow up happily
  • Share interesting memory games and number skills with children
  • Stimulate the true brain potential of children

    "Mind Map for Children" is the best-selling mind map written by Tony Buzan for children. Listed with the adult version of mind map books, the comic characters in the children's version can capture the interest of children at once.

    The book introduces the main forms of mind maps, using all kinds of cartoon characters to teach children step by step how to draw their own mind maps.

    The mind map sorted out in this way can train children's ability to analyze events and plan their small lives more clearly and reasonably!

    The most important thing is that the children trained in this way will also get great gains in future studies.

    This method can quickly sort out information, double the speed and efficiency of children's learning, so that children's homework is no longer like squeezing toothpaste, and it can also learn new knowledge faster and review and integrate old knowledge.

    The intuitive graphics can also simplify children's understanding, stimulate children's associations and creativity, and unify scattered knowledge points.

    Thinking in the process of drawing a mind map can more activate the child's cerebral cortex, promote the development of brain cells, and improve memory.

    Parents can complete the educational and fun activities provided in the book with their children, so that children can learn to build mind maps and learn more efficiently!


    • Book title:Mind Maps for Kids
    • Suitable for reading age:6-15 years old
    • Author:Tony Buzan
    • Publishing house:Thorsons
    • Publication time: 2005
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 9780007151332
    • Product size: 20.3 x 0.6 x 30.5 cm
    • Packing: paperback
    • Number of pages: 128

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