《The Yes Brain》-An open brain is the key to happiness

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What is the open brain?The open brain stems from a special neural circuit that, when activated, triggers an attitude of acceptance rather than defensiveness.

The ultimate goal of education is to develop happy people. An open brain is a key trait that has the ability to help children achieve happiness. Giving children more skills makes them stronger and wiser. How can you develop your child's open brain with the four key traits?

A.The child is too tired and wants to run, saying, "No one else says they are not tired, what are you tired of?" This is a common instinctive response of parents in the lower brain, and shaming and weakening the child's feelings can cause the child to lose all kinds of emotions, even empathy. Children do not learn beyond their cognitive abilities. B.If you accept your child's feelings and lovingly say, "It's really exhausting, but we can train the distance first," your child will be brave enough to try in understanding communication. A second parent's open brain is more likely to shape a child's open brain than a first parent's defensive brain.Daniel Siegel, a world-renowned brain scientist, has studied the brains of more than 1,200 healthy people to make a central point of the 《THE YES BRAIN 》: Developing a child's brain is the key to happiness, and its four key traits are - Balance, Resilience, Insight, and Empathy

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This unique book shows us how to help our children embrace life with all of its challenges. It’s a treasure chest of parenting insights and techniques

Children can often act out or shut down when faced with a setback or a tricky issue like homework, food or screen time. This is what acclaimed parenting experts Dr Siegel and Dr Bryson call the ‘No Brain’ response. But you can help your child develop the ability to cope, solve their own problems and thrive by nurturing their ‘Yes Brain’.
Drawing on their successful work with thousands of parents and children from all backgrounds, Dr Siegel and Dr Bryson provide the advice, tools and activities to help parents with children of all ages.
This is what the ‘Yes Brain’ approach looks like in action:
*A 5-year-old boy thinks about his first day at school and says, ‘I’m nervous but I’ll give it a try.’
*An 8 year-old girl says, ‘I’d like to join the football team, even though none of my friends like football.’
*A 14 year-old boy looks at a test he’s earned a D- for and says, ‘That’s not the mark I wanted but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll ask the teacher how I can improve.’

“This unique and exciting book shows us how to help children embrace life with all of its challenges and thrive in the modern world. Integrating research from social development, clinical psychology, and neuroscience, it’s a veritable treasure chest of parenting insights and techniques.”
—Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., author of Mindset
“I have never read a better, clearer explanation of the impact parenting can have on a child’s brain and personality.”
—Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
“Easily assimilated and informative, the book will help adults enable children to lead physically and emotionally satisfying and well-rounded lives filled with purpose and meaningful relationships. Edifying, easy-to-understand scientific research that shows the benefits that accrue when a child is encouraged to be inquisitive, spirited, and intrepid.”
—Kirkus Reviews


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