The Famous Five Adventures-【Total 9 volumes/Only $5.5 per book】

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This summer, let your kids ditch their phones and love reading!

Why is it important to focus on early reading for children from an early age?Among the many areas of preschool education, early reading is one of the most important elements of language education, providing strong support for the overall development of young children.

For children, the process of reading is not only a knowledge intake process, but also a spiritual baptism and nourishment process. Reading a lot of useful extracurricular books can improve children's motivation to learn, make them actively cognitive, actively absorb knowledge, and actively use this knowledge to think about problems and solve them, can benefit for life.

Why did I choose this set of books? As an enlightening book for children, it not only brings children a lot of interesting and adventurous stories, but also gives them a lifetime of useful knowledge

7 things your child can gain from this book.
Establishing the right values in life
The qualities of courage, justice and kindness
Develop brain and creativity
Absorb knowledge, stimulate children to think actively and solve problems in practice
Cultivate the spirit of facing up to difficulties, rising to challenges and daring to challenge
Enhances the child's understanding of true friendship
Enhancement of reading outside the classroom

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