Organic and natural,anti-viral,cold and flu relief, menstrual period warming dry ginger tea

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When paired with turmeric and ginger, this golden cup of warming delight is simply amazing. This powerful combination of anti-viral and menstrual warming has superhero status, making our Organic Dry Ginger Tea one of our most popular and powerful teas!A powerful tea for those seeking an easy, delicious way to achieve greater health and vitality, too. The pungent, slightly bitter flavor of turmeric combined with the slightly spicy, delightfully sweet flavor of ginger is clearly a perfect combination.

Spend 3 minutes searching the internet for what ginger tea has to offer and you'll find so many touted benefits that you'll wonder why we don't get it sooner rather than later?

Health Benefits:As an antiviral tea, especially now when the flu is in its prime, this organic dried ginger tea has many health benefits to prevent the flu and boost the immune system. It also promotes healthy digestion and antioxidants. For women during menstruation, ginger has the ability to warm the menstrual cycle and dispel the cold. Drinking 1 cup of ginger tea with honey when you feel uncomfortable during menstruation helps to invigorate the blood and relieve discomfort.

Delicious Taste:Our Organic Dry Ginger Tea is one of our most popular and best selling teas, this drink is warm, spicy and sweet. Mild and spicy with floral and honey notes.

Organic:The power of natural plants.This warming organic tea is made with turmeric, ginger and apple slices and has no artificial flavors or GMOs.Packed in bleach-free tea bags, always caffeine-free, enjoy a cup of Dry Ginger Tea any time of day!Some of our favorite ginger comes from Indonesia, where smaller varieties of ginger are grown for a more pungent flavor

Taboos:Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, people with hot stomach and vomiting, people with hemorrhoids, people with hot lung and dry cough


Organic Fresh Dried Ginger Tea x 1 bag
Sugar x 2 teaspoons
Lemon slices x moderate amount
Ginger slices x moderate amount

The fruit tea for skin and digestion is born! With a unique taste, it is also the choice of many people


Net content:20 packs/box

Ingredients: ginger root, apple slices, turmeric

Shelf life: 3 years


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