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Enjoyed by over thousands of parents who are getting amazing responses from their kids.

This amazing flying ball is fun for the entire family, especially for children aged 14+ who love getting exercise while playing with this toy!

Product name: Magnus™ LED Magic Flying Ball

Product function: LED lighting, induction

Product packaging: window color box

Packing size: 16 * 5.5 * 16

Product size: 11.5 * 5 * 5

Packing number: 96

Carton size: 74 * 34 * 75

Product accessories: aircraft, data cable

Charging time: about 30 minutes

Use time: about 20-30 minutes



Product function:

1 Function: Ascending, descending, induction control operation instructions.

2.No remote control, turn on the switch, the aircraft starts to rotate at a low speed,and it will take off after the speed reaches a certain lift! After the crystal ball takes off, it will drop at a certain height in the air, and then extend your hand below the foot of the crystal ball, and the induction distance will start again.

Product features: built-in colorful LED lights will be very beautiful after startup, loved by children.

How to play:

The first step: first take out the aircraft, turn on the flying ball switch, and then straighten the sphere.

 Step 2: After 3 seconds, the ball starts to rotate, and then release your hand, the flying ball will fly automatically.

 Step 3: The ball can be induced to fly under the hand during flight.

 Step 4: Flying the ball in flight, grab the sphere in hand, then turn off the switch, the end of entertainment.


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