Kitchen intelligent sterilization and disinfection chopstick holder

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  • Chopsticks are the most common tableware in our daily life. It can bring us delicious food and disease. Why do you say that? Because there are hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses on a pair of unclean chopsticks, it is easy to spread. Which diseases will you get?1. Helicobacter pylori infection 2. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E 3. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 4. Typhoid fever

Life Lessons

  • Chopsticks are loaded with cancer-causing bacteria.

  • In 1994, H. pylori was classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and it is believed that 78% of stomach cancers can be attributed to chronic H. pylori. Aflatoxin is a highly toxic ignorant, 68 times more toxic than arsenic and 10 times more toxic than potassium chloride.

The average chopstick machine

breeds hundreds of millions of bacteria, mosquitoes, and cockroaches every day. These include low-temperature resistant pathogenic microorganisms, drug-resistant pathogenic microorganisms, and high-temperature resistant pathogenic microorganisms, which are difficult to wash off with water.

Chopstick bacteria

Are chopsticks really healthy?There are a lot of bacteria on chopsticks and people get sick from it every year, do you really care about that?

The second sterilization: photocatalyst

  • Photocatalyst is a nano-scale titanium dioxide as a representative of light semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function of the general term, it is coated on the surface of the substrate, can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and can be released by bacteria or fungi toxins decomposition and harmless treatment; colleagues also have in addition to formaldehyde, deodorization, anti-fouling, purifying the air and other functions.

Infrared sensor technology

  • Smart sterilization, save time and effort

  • No need to operate the switch manually when it is switched on, thanks to an infrared sensor.

  • Save time and hassle, continuous sterilization for 24 hours, two to three months just to maintain the cleaning habits, no need for any operation!

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