【Fly Guy Presents】A full set of 11 books in popular science encyclopedia series

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This set of books belongs to the children's natural science cognition series. In this series, the adventurous spirit of Boy Fly has been greatly upgraded! The fly boy embarked on an exciting adventure, encountered dangerous creatures such as sharks, dinosaurs, pythons and bumblebees, played the role of a heroic firefighter who bravely put out the fire, and even boarded outer space in a spaceship!
The funny shape of Boy Fly is combined with the realistic photographic pictures. When the children see Boy Fly flying around the tip of the dinosaur’s nose, escaping from the gap between the teeth of the shark, they have to marvel that this is an omnipotent one. Boy fly! When reading this set of books, young readers will not only be amused by the humorous plots, but also learn a lot of popular science knowledge!

This series is the natural science popularization series of Flies Boy supporting the story series. It uses humorous and lovely language to describe the wonders of the natural world, allowing children to learn knowledge in a pleasant reading. The pictures and texts help children understand the real things more closely!

The whole series is suitable for children aged 4-12, that is, children from kindergarten to elementary school. Children who cannot read can be taught by their parents, and children who are already literate can read independently.

The author of Fly Guy Presents is New York Times best-selling author Tedd Arnold. Many of his works have won the American Library Association Award and the Dr. Seuss Award. A great feature of his work is that "the brains are too big!

Before the birth of the Fly Boy series, Tedd Arnold was just a tepid children’s book writer and illustrator. Although his picture books based on real family life are remarkable, they can’t make any waves in the book market. . However, when the image of Boy Fly appeared on his manuscript, everything was different from before!

For every child who is just beginning to read independently, it can try to read it by himself. It is an excellent "English main axis" reading; from the perspective of the story, the little boy and the fly exaggerate the humorous experience and the warm friendship, so that boys and girls Will read it over and over again until I can't stop it.


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