Belgium imported kitchen and bathroom waterproof and mildew-proof environmental protection sealant transparent silicone


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Have you encountered difficulties? No matter how you clean it, the house still looks dirty. This beautiful seam glass glue can help you beautify your house, kitchen, toiletdirt

After use, the kitchen and toilet are completely new, and all the moldy and dirt stuck in the cracks of the floor tiles are gone.


  • 1:Grade 0 mildew resistant, no mildew and blackening,

    It can effectively isolate and block water and oil from immersion and prevent colloid from blackening and moldy

2:No shrinkage, no cracking

  • Spray water after 60 minutes,High temperature resistance 120°C,Freezing resistance 50°C

4:Rubber outlet protective cover丶It can be reused many times丶The protective cover is easy to cover

5:The glue is delicate and smooth丶Curing gel high gloss

6:Fish farming test

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