Baby early education music beat drum, develop children's musical talent to stimulate exploration, learning ability

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 Rocket hand clapping drum, multifunctional toys, music + projector + simulated aviation dialogue, develop children's musical talent, stimulate children's exploration and learning ability【Designed for children】

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Early education is the most important foundation in a lifetime. Early childhood is the key period of life's intellectual development, in order to allow children to better understand the world and the things around them, early education for children before the age of 0-3 years old, you can enlarge the capacity of the child's brain, to enlighten the child's brain development. Rocket hand clapping drums, stimulate children's hearing, exercise hand-eye coordination and exploration ability, cultivate children's cognition of science, interest in learning and logical thinking, multi-functional comprehensive development of the child's brain.

Multifunctional learning educational toys-Rocket hand clapping drum is a multifunctional toy. A toy that meets the multi-layered needs of children. It is in the shape of a rocket, and each side has a different way to play. The baby can tap it, music and projector lights create an atmosphere where the baby can learn and play at the same time. At the same time, it can also simulate space aviation dialogue, each aviation and cosmic parts can be disassembled at will to exercise and stimulate the baby's brain power and exploration ability. A combination of modes, more improve the baby's learning ability

Special design:

Foster your baby's musical talent-Press the planet button can change different musical instruments, hit the keys to ring the corresponding sound, a unique auditory experience, not only to improve the baby's musical perception and hearing development, but also exercise the baby's hands-on ability, while developing the baby's musical talent.

Projector + story, fast to sleep-Wide angle starry sky top is used to let the baby fall asleep quickly. The projector light on the top of the rocket hand clapping drum with soft and dreamy light can play songs or stories when pressed, creating a fairy tale like atmosphere for the child. While the child enjoys it, it also allows the child to fall asleep at ease. Rocket hand clapping drum, a good helper for mom

Tough material-Fully functional, beautiful body, stronger material.ABS material, strong and sturdy, can withstand high-intensity impact. Children no longer have to cry because the toy parts are fragile and easy to fall off.

Safe and lightweight with a strong range-A, the surface is flat and smooth without burrs, using safe green materials, no safety hazards. B, portable design, lightweight body, so that children can play alone happy. C, universal battery plus insulator material, the battery life is very strong, children play all day without worrying about power failure

Methods and Scenes

Suitable for age. 12 months or above
Material: safe and non-toxic ABS material
Color: Tiffany blue / Raster Red


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