Detective Sherlock Holmes's complete works of 10 books, help to exercise children's thinking logic and reasoning

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If you want your child to learn actively, you might as well exercise your child's logical thinking ability!

Read "The Detective Sherlock Holmes" to unlock children's logical reasoning ability and imagination
  • The Gesell Institute for Child Development at Yale University has conducted more than 40 years of research, tracking the real growth of thousands of children, and found that the age of seven is the year when abstract thinking begins to develop.
  • Comprehensive development of thinking and language, enhanced judgment ability, can use simple logic to draw certain conclusions, and do simple deductive reasoning;

People call detective novels "brain exercises" and children's detective novels are also called "juvenile detective novels". They not only entice children to participate in psychological, emotional, and ideological aspects, but also directly mobilize children's logic, thinking, and Participation in judgment is a type of literature that parents and children are willing to accept.

    The classics that benefit children for a lifetime: Sherlock Holmes

    • Sherlock Holmes Complete Works Genuine Complete set 7-15 Years Old Reading Books Children's Detective Suspense Mystery Novel Sherlock Holmes Detective Collection Primary School Original Original
    • The Harvard professor reminds all parents that children should read what books at what age and do not read the wrong books. This set of Sherlock Holmes is suitable for children aged 7-15. This set of books will help children open up their left and right brain thinking.

     This set of books is especially suitable for children aged 7-15. It can teach children wisdom, courage, courage and will, and can develop their logical reasoning ability and imagination.

    • British writer Bacon once said: "Reading history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people smart, mathematics makes people thorough, science makes people deep, medicine makes people dignified, logical rhetoric makes people eloquent, and everything that is learned is everything. character.

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