A book that has benefited a lot [Weaknesses of Human Nature]

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What I learned from "The Weakness of Human Nature"

  • 1.Skills of getting along with people  2.Praise others sincerely 3.The Key to Enron Recreation 4.How to make people like you 5.How to win praise from others

This book allows you to see through the thoughts of others at a glance, making you a social master in the workplace

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The authors introduce

  • 【Dale Carnegie】His book "The Weakness of Human Nature", since its publication in 1936, has always been regarded by the Western world as one of the bibles of social skills. It has swept the world and is known as "the miracle in the history of human publishing."

Recommended by famous experts

  • 【Mark Victor Hansen】Success is so simple that if you follow Mr. Carnegie's simple and applicable interpersonal standards, you can succeed
  • 【by Robert Schuller】Carnegie began teaching his adult training courses at the beginning of the last century, and initiated the adult education movement in the United States.His philosophy of success and his skills in life are still a constant topic for young people today.
  • 【Brian Tracy】Mr. Dale Carnegie, through his speeches and works, teaches people some basic principles of life and the way of survival, which is a compulsory course for all of us to learn.


Carnegie's 48 weaknesses of human nature

  • They just passively accept the arrangements of fate; this is also the first reason for someone unable to succeed or get rich, because "the sky will never fall a part"
  • Lack of sufficient ambition Aspiration is a melting pot of firm beliefs and clear goals, which will concentrate all your strength and resources to push you to the other side of success.

Carnegie [The Weakness of Human Nature] 6 classic quotes

  • 1. Everyone I meet has an advantage over me. , In this regard, I should learn from them
  • 2.The more a person shows off, the more lacking in his heart
  • 3.The place that a person cares more about is the place that makes him most inferior.
  • 4.When thinking, be like a wise man; but when speaking, be like an ordinary person.
  • 5.‘’People don’t fail because they don’t have faith’, but because they can’t turn their beliefs into actions and stick to them.
  • 6.The place where you are interested is where your ability is

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