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Introduction:《7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders》

  • "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Richards Covey, a famous American management master, is one of Forbes' "10 most influential management books ever."
  • The author of this book, Stephen R. Covey (Stephen R. Covey), has a master's degree in business administration from Harvard University and a doctorate degree from Brigham Young University. He is the founder of the Covey Leadership Center and the co-chairman of Franklin Covey. He has assisted many companies, educational institutions and government agencies in training leaders.

"7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders" has the same influence in the United States as the "Bible". This book summarizes the seven habits of successful people

  • 1.【be proactive】Being proactive does not only mean the attitude of acting, it also means that people must be responsible for their lives
  • 2.【beging with the end in mind】Before doing anything, you must clearly know the direction, [There is a goal, there is a result]
  • 3.【put first things first】You have to decide what your highest priorites are and avoid ineffective efforts.
  • 4.【think win/win】The principle of win-win is the basis of all human interactions, including five independent aspects: "win-win character" is the foundation, and then a "win-win relationship" is established, which derives a "win-win agreement", which requires a "win-win system" as a cultivation environment. This is done through a "win-win process".
  • 5.【seek first to understand, then to be understood】When we abandon the answering mind and change to the understanding mind to listen to others, we can open up real communication and enhance mutual relations. After the other party gains understanding, they will feel respected and recognized, and then take it off as a precaution. If they talk frankly, they will understand each other more smoothly and naturally. Knowing the other requires kindness, and self-solving requires courage. A balance between the two can greatly increase the efficiency of communication.
  • 6.【synergize】The strength of the individual is the niche for the integration of the team and the family, so that the overall result is one plus one greater than two. Practicing the integration of interpersonal relationships and teams, abandoning hostile attitudes, do not aim at compromise, and not only stop at cooperation, they want creative cooperation.
  • 7.【sharpen the saw】Work alone does not bring economic security. Only good thinking, learning, creativity and adaptability can be invincible. Having wealth does not mean economic independence, only the ability to create wealth is truly reliable.

Title:(The Effective Executive)

In our life and work, we often encounter many problems: we are faced with difficult decisions, we find it difficult to improve our efficiency, and we lack the experience of self-management.So how do you become an effective manager? 

How to become (The Effective Executive)

  • To become an (effective executive), you must develop the following 5 habits;
  • 1. Do effective managers know where to spend their time
  • 2.Effective managers value contributions to the outside world
  • 3. Effective managers are good at making use of their strengths, including their own strengths, superiors' strengths, colleagues' strengths and subordinates' strengths 
  • 4. Effective managers concentrate on a few important areas. In these few important areas, excellent performance can produce excellent results 
  • 5. Finally, effective managers must be good at making effective decisions

Title:【"Emotional Intelligence"】

Good book recommendation "Emotional Intelligence" "Father of Emotional Intelligence" Daniel Gorman

Ranked in the top 10 of the New York Times bestseller list in the United States for half a year, best-selling for 10 consecutive years, and more than 10 000 000 copies worldwide! After the publication of "Emotional Quotient"

There was a whirlwind of emotional intelligence in the education sector, which immediately swept the world and affected generations of people. It is a great book for realizing one's potential and achieving success!

  •  People who do not understand EQ are physically and mentally unsound.
  • This book is a great book to help you realize your potential and achieve success!
  • This book is a life lesson that will change you, me and future generations.
  • Emotional intelligence is a basic ability to survive that determines the performance of your other mental abilities.
  • In the process of career success, 20 percent depends on IQ, while 80 percent depends on other factors, among which eq is very important. A good EQ is essential for you to achieve success in the workplace
  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions. Out of control of people's emotions can cause a lot of trouble. You urgently need to improve your EQ level.
  • We communicate with people every day and deal with various interpersonal problems, and having good emotional intelligence is an important condition for establishing a personal relationship.
  • When a person is faced with work pressure, family changes, and emergencies, good emotional intelligence is an important quality to handle all of these properly.
  • When you are faced with many unsatisfactory things in life such as sadness and broken love, you need emotional intelligence to adjust your physical health.
  • Improving eq enables us to operate the infinite world with our limited knowledge and is more suitable for the current stressful living environment.

Title:[The power of habit]

[The power of habit]If you can discover your own "habit pattern", you can completely change your career and life!

  • ★ Life is just the sum of countless habits
  • ★What is habit? Can habits be changed?
  • ★How to use the "power of habit" to change career and life?
  • How to quit a bad habit?
    How to build a good habit?
    How to recognize your habits?
    How to use the power of habit to change yourself and others?

Title:【‘’Rich Dad and Poor Dad’’】

"Rich Dad Poor Dad"This book teaches you how to achieve financial freedom quickly


These three sentences in the book allowed me to achieve financial freedom:1."It doesn't matter how much money you earn in your life, what matters is how much money you keep and how long you can stay." It is important to have wealth, and the ability to acquire and control wealth is more important than wealth itself.

2.If there is no ability to control wealth and manage wealth, no amount of wealth will disappear. Just like there is no other foundation, there will always be a day when tall buildings collapse. It’s not too late to make up for it. Realizing that financial knowledge is wasteful and tedious, it’s time to make up for it

3.The biggest difference between people is the difference in concepts. The biggest difference between the thinking of the poor and the rich is the way of thinking. Therefore, if you want to change your financial situation, you must first start by changing your thinking. Only by establishing correct financial concepts and forming correct value judgment consciousness can we gradually form the way of thinking of the rich.

Title:【TED talk】

Talk Like TED;The 9 Public Spe:The book "The Power of Speech" believes that as long as anyone has ideas worth sharing, he can make a wonderful speech. In public speech, the only thing that really matters is possible ideas.


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