One hundred thousand why, a full set of 24 children's color encyclopedias

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How to make children fall in love with reading

  • The benefits of reading are endless. Cultivating children's good reading habits from an early age is something many parents are doing.
  • "One Hundred Thousand Whys" has a very rich content, ranging from astronomy and geography to small life trivia.
  • "One Hundred Thousand Whys" This set of books is the best teacher for children, enriching their knowledge of exploring nature
  • By reading "One Hundred Thousand Whys", we know that there are a total of nine planets in the solar system, and the Milky Way is shaped by many nebulae like the solar system.
  • In addition, I also know why the chameleon changes color/why the rabbit ears are so long.

Money has a price, knowledge is priceless

"One Hundred Thousand Why" set of 24 books

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  • 28*21.5/32PAGE
  • Color books
  • Full set of 24 books


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