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This summer, let your kids ditch their phones and love learning!

Why is it important to focus on children's initiation?
Children are the basic stage of intellectual development in life and the fastest developing period. Proper and correct initiation education plays a great role in the intelligence of young children and their future development, and also lays the foundation and direction for the overall development of children, which can be said to be beneficial for life.

There are 16 volumes in the book, carefully crafted within to foster a passion for learning in children, even when they are out and about.

Why did I choose this book?
⭐The No. 1 children's primer with over 1.3 billion copies sold
⭐Highlights' unique thematic reading and games,Filled with questions about what children see in the world around them
⭐National children's book, many prestigious awards, recognized by parents worldwide

8 things your child can gain from this book
Improved reading comprehension, logical thinking and reasoning skills
Delivers an immersive and enjoyable learning experience
Engages children and fosters a passion for learning
Builds perseverance in children
Teaches children to stay motivated and engaged even when things get tough
✅Teaches children visual distinction and color perception
✅Increases vocabulary and improves language learning skills
✅Learns to observe and evaluate the similarities and differences between things

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《Highlights On the GO》

Language: English

Product size: 152 x229 mm

Binding type: paperback

Theme Collection

  • Word Scramble
  • Matching games
  • Jumble maze
  • Pick the Wrong Game

Develop thinking and reasoning skills while building vocabulary

  • Encourage children to pick the most important information from a page
  • Extend reasoning to consider multiple answers and possibilities


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