"Emotional Intelligence" Cultivating Children's Enlightenment Picture Book

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How to cultivate children's "emotional intelligence"?

  • In fact, the so-called high EQ is a good education, able to overcome the emotions of others and control and manage your own emotions

Nowadays, parents are not very concerned about children’s EQ problems, so do moms and dads know what is the manifestation of children’s low EQ?

  •  1.Will not refuse   2. Can't speak 3.Uncontrollable emotions 4.Don't understand anti-thinking 5.Poor adaptability6.Inaudible criticism 7.Don't know how to share 8.Like to be jealous of others9.Cannot express feelings correctly 10.Like to rely on others

Before the age of 18, it is an excellent time to cultivate children's "Emotional Intelligence"

  • The EQ picture book recommended by Harvard University for children over 3 years old, to make your child more sensible

"15 Volumes" EQ Training Children's Enlightenment Picture Book

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