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  • It is specially designed to cultivate the confidence and patience of independent reading in lower grades of elementary school. This series encourages exploration and reasoning, praises wit and bravery, children who like reasoning and adventure will like it very much!
  • The protagonist of this series, Sam Graves, was chosen as the corridor manager of Weird Elementary School. But soon he discovered that this job is not as simple as calling classmates. The school was alive, the lockers swallowed Lucy, and the playground became a maze.
  • Sam and his good friends Lucy and Anthony go to discover the secrets of the Weird Elementary School. It turns out that the school was designed by the mad scientist Orson Earle. In order to live forever, he turned himself into a weird elementary school.
  • Can Sam, Lucy and Anthony solve crisis after crisis, defeat Gonzo Elementary and save the students?

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On its cover, a boy with a ribbon carrying a flashlight, we can only see his back, in front of him is a building shrouded in shadow, like an old castle, but this is not a castle, this is School, because the door says school. Two eyes were blinking in the dark. This kind of cover color is a bit solemn, a little like a horror novel, for those adventurous children, it may catch their psychology at once. Some are excited, some are a little afraid, and more want to read in depth, looking for nerve-stimulating plots in the story.


  • This is an American version of "Charlie IX." When it comes to "Charlie IX," kids love it, fascinated, and chasing the latest version. The child is fascinated, what does it mean, this book attracts children!
  • So what kind of books attract children? I think it should be rich in imagination, plot twists, confusing, and exciting. The language of the story conforms to the child's psychology, makes it easy for children to accept, and the content of the story is close to the child's life. "Weird Elementary School" has such characteristics.
  • "Weird Elementary School" written by American Jack Shabell and drawn by Sam Ricks is the best-selling children's adventure mystery novel in the United States. It is designed to cultivate the confidence and patience of independent reading for first and second grade students. The book encourages exploration and reasoning, praises wit and bravery, and is loved by children who like reasoning and adventure.



SUITABLE FOR READING AGE: 4 years old-10 years old

FULL SET OF BOOKS: 10 volumes




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