365 Stories to Enlighten Your Child-【12 volumes】

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💫Highlights of the book
One Story A Day has been described as "a collection of stories that will benefit readers for life".

There are 12 books in the series, one for each month, one story per day, 365 stories in total. The children's edition is designed for children ages 4-7 and the stories are short, with each story being about 50-60 words. The elementary school edition is suitable for children aged 9-12 and covers various aspects of nature, history, science and culture. Many stories originate from daily life and campus life.Through the stories to explore life, society, learning. It enables readers to experience the pleasure of reading, grow in knowledge, enlighten their lives, and feel a natural fluency in English. The content is rich and close to life, and is suitable for use as beginning English reading. Through the stories in the books, children can learn English while enriching their knowledge in many aspects, establishing an optimistic outlook on life and cultivating good character habits that will benefit them for life.

Why I would choose it?
✅This set of books is environmentally friendly printing, reliable quality
✅The fun story contains various aspects of knowledge to stimulate children's interest in reading
This book is designed to develop children's reading habits, make them love reading and enlighten their lives

The benefits of reading this book for your children
🌟Foster communication between children and parents
and enhance the relationship between children and parents
your child's reading habit and reading level, and improve your child's English language sense
your child's English reading ability and expression level, and improve your child's scientific and cultural literacy
children's correct outlook on life and values and cultivating good qualities that will benefit them throughout their lives

Applicable people
❤️Suitable for 4-7 years old  (children's version)/8 years old and above (elementary school version) of parent-child reading
❤️Suitable for self-help reading for children
❤️Suitable for extra-curricular support materials for schools or educational institutions

Size: 21*16.5cm
Content: 12 storybooks
Inside pages: colorful/environmentally friendly material
Binding type: paperback

Children's Edition

This topic is about transportation tools - by describing the appearance of the excavator, its functions and how to use it, the children's curiosity is aroused, and the descriptions revolve around things that they can see in their lives, filling them with a strong desire to know the world.

This story is about a friend who was lacerated by glass shards on the beach and helped him dress the wound. It is a very relevant little story that children can fully understand on their own and read without pressure. It also builds children's awareness of environmental protection and the need to help friends in need.

This story presents a conversation between a poor man and a rich man. The conversation reflects the different ways of speaking and living of the two people. The story revolves around the word "money" to establish children's correct concept of money and values from an early age.

 The story involves a plant - the pumpkin. Through the story, the child understands what a pumpkin is and its shape and color, and develops a sense of artistic beauty and partial knowledge of plants

Primary School Edition


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