22 teeth serrated angle grinder - cutting / grinding / polishing

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Sculpt, carve and cut to perfection!

New angle grinder imported from Germany, core process upgrades, five consecutive hours will not get hot. Comfortable hand, so you can grasp with one hand, can be sanding, cutting, rust removal, clearing the floor seam, a machine through and through

Sculpt any project to perfection with the help of the 22 Teeth Saw Wood Angle Grinder Disc! A must-have in any workshop, this highly efficient saw is perfect for cutting, sculpting, gauging and channeling curved work


It has a maximum speed of 14,000RPM and can be used on non-metallic materials such as wood, hard plastics, etc. It is made of full copper aluminum alloy for durability, making it resistant to rust, corrosion, deformation and breakage. It can meet all your sanding needs.

  • Fast Cutting - Cuts in any direction with a maximum speed of 14,000 RPM.

  • Superior Durability - Made of full copper-carbon alloy for durability, it prevents rust, corrosion, deformation and breakage.

  • Widely Applicable - Works on non-metal materials like wood, hard plastic and more.

  • Stable operation, fine cutting, no deviation - steel fixed pressure plate, tight pressure on the saw blade, to prevent shaking, to avoid errors when working machine deviation.

Load power: 1500W
Rated power: 1250W
Motor: full copper motor
Slicing diameter: 100MM


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